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New Music and DVD Releases

In Movies on March 9, 2010 at 8:00 am

New releases for this week

Gorillaz “Plastic Beach”

Ludacris, “Battle Of The Sexes “


Personal fave “Up In The Air”starring George Clooney, Anna Kendrick and Vega Farmiga

Heavily touted, “Precious” starring Gabrielle Sidibe and Mo’nique

Family friendly, “Old Dogs” with John Travolta, Robin Williams and Seth Greene

Animated sci-fi adventure, “Planet 51” featuring the voices of Dwayne Johnson, Jessica Biel, Justin Long and Seann William Scott.

Michael Moore’s documentary, “Capitalism”


Celeb Twitter Pics

In Celeb Twitter Pics on March 8, 2010 at 12:13 pm

Here is a look a your favorite stars. I think I will make this daily.


Jay Manuel and Giuliana Rancic looking fab for the E! Entertainment Oscars Pre-Show.

Travis McCoy with a pair of hit kicks and dog.

Shanna Moakler and Claudia Jordan.

Selena Gomez looking studious with red glasses.

Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie” star Peter Facinelli

R&B singer Monica at her album release party at the Velvet Room in Atlanta. Loves the hair!

Lenny and Zoe Kravitz enjoying some yumminess after the Oscars.

Kimberly Caldwell and friend enjoy some girl time.

Kelly Pickler and fan.

Nicole Richie looking beautiful on the way to the Oscars.

Oscars DJ, Joel Madden.

Cutie Jalen Rose.

In Theaters Today

In Uncategorized on March 5, 2010 at 10:25 am

At your local over priced movie house today is….

Alice In Wonderland

Surprisingly good, Brooklyn’s Finest

Celeb Twit Pic Thurday

In Celeb Twitter Pics, Pictures on March 4, 2010 at 10:35 am

Here’s a look at some of your favorite celebs.

Fancy fingers with Lo Bosworth and Stephanie Pratt.

Jeremy Piven and Bill Clinton at a Haiti Benefit.

Kelly Osbourne’s new hair color.

Tyrese Gibson and John Singleton working hard.

Tia Mowry and Tatiana Ali looking lovely.

Fierce duo, Keri Hilson and Eva Marcille.

Kim Kardashian in a helicopter.

Team Zoe delayed on the way back from Fashion Week in Milan.

Nicole Ritchie and friend.

Adrienne Bailon at BET’s Rip The Runway.

Diddy and friends.

Jared Leto in Holland performing Holland with 30 Seconds To Mars.

Fierce File: Rachel Zoe

In Fashion on March 3, 2010 at 6:21 am

Rachel Zoe in her usual fabulousness in Milan for Fashion Week. Her style is always effortless and chic. Loves her!

Fashion Week Feature: Gucci

In Uncategorized on March 2, 2010 at 5:32 pm

Gucci’s Fall collection was a departure from the usual racy, trendy wears we are accustomed to. Filled with earth tones and subtle bursts of colors, the collection displayed head designer Frieda Giannini’s take on more consolidated looks and not the usual ultra trendy wear. Featuring immaculately tailored pants, fur jackets  and form fitting dresses screaming ultra sexy daywear with an attitude. Overall, it is well mixed collection with beautiful evening dresses sprinkled throughout the collection, reminding us just how wearable Gucci really is.

Here are some of the standout looks.

Raheem Devaughn, “The Love and War Masterpiece” Album Review

In Album Reviews on March 1, 2010 at 6:33 pm

Have You Had Any Soul Lately?

Raheem Devaughn revives true soul with “The Love and War Masterpiece.”

Grammy nominated, singer/songwriter, Raheem Devaughn wants you to stand up to injustice and make love, not in that order of course on his latest, “The Love and War Masterpiece.”

The Maryland native brings a refreshing sound to the masses, with his political opinions and love declarations, ambitiously merging the two throughout the 16-track album.

Beginning with an introduction from Princeton professor and activist, Dr. Cornel West, the album directly proceeds into the radio friendly lead single “Bulletproof” featuring popular Atlanta rapper Ludacris. The tune is reminiscent of “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye, speaking to the injustices of the world, simultaneously sounding like a black power anthem. Put your fists in the air.

Moving forward, he speaks to the hearts and minds of women with songs like “The Greatness” featuring DC rapper Wale, telling women they are beautiful inside and out and urging women to leave abusive relationships with “Black and Blue”.

Smoothly transitioning into his more romantic side, he croons sensually through the middle of the album with assistance from Malik Yusef on “Fragile,” gliding directly into lovers land with cuts such as “Bedroom, Microphone, Garden Of Love and B.O.B.” The latter is a very clever and bold song that will make the shyest listeners blush, while  stating he is better than an “artificial man” highlighting his best attributes as a lover. “Bob can’t kiss those thighs… I can go harder than your Battery Operated Boyfriend.”

Rounding out the album with “Nobody Wins The War” Devaughn gathers a host of soulful guests including Jill Scott, Bilal, Anthony Hamilton, Dwele and Chrisette Michele making it the albums most politically charged track. Ending the release is collaboration with Damien Marley on “Revelations 2010”.

The Love and War Masterpiece beautifully blends political awareness and love songs with Dr. Cornel West acting as a tour guide through Devaughn’s world. The songs are very soulful, honest and refreshing. With exquisite style and production, the album solidifies his talents as a superb songwriter and vocalist, making it an instant soul classic.

Album in stores tomorrow!

Jill Scott and Maxwell Touring This Summer

In Music on February 26, 2010 at 8:45 pm

Grammy winners Maxwell and Jill Scott will kick off a 20-city U.S. arena tour this summer starting in Cleveland on May 21 with additional dates to be announced through June.

Maxwell’s 2009 Grammy winning, platinum release “BLACKsummersnight” won Best Male R&B performance for “Pretty Wings” and Best R&B album in February. The singer will release the follow-up this summer and 2011 respectively.

Jill Scott will perform songs from her 10-year career including those from “The Light Of The Sun” due this summer.

The LiveNation tour will make stops in Atlanta, St.Louis, Detroit, Miami, Chicago, Houston, D.C, Oakland, Los Angeles and Seattle. Venue and ticket information will be available soon via

The Health Care Rant *Updated*

In Health on February 26, 2010 at 4:53 pm

Yesterday, I was all prepared for the live health care discussion. I had pre-read (skimmed) over the 11 page document that was posted on the White House website. After a few hours, I turned the channel feeling no different from before I tuned in. Nervous. I really don’t know what is going to happen from this point. I thought both sides had great ideas, but overall I am so afraid that nothing will happen and it will remain what it is a “discussion”. I am trying to remain hopeful, but with so many people without health care when does discussion turn into execution?

I haven’t had health care since I was little girl. As an adult, I have no idea what is like to co-pay and deal with medical expenses. For me to go to the doctor I would have to literally be on my death bed, six breathes away from dying and even then knowing me I will debate whether to go or not.

As I am getting older and my body is changing there is a definite need for it. In my past lines of work, I could have bought insurance. There was also the need for me to have lights, car, food and other necessities. I am only one woman and couldn’t do everything alone.

It’s scary  to think as I age, I will have to wait to receive Medicare or Medicaid to go to the doctor. I have had two discussions with senior citizens about how happy they were to receive Medicare. Just the other day at my mom’s birthday party, my mom and aunt were showing each other their membership cards. Gloating. Is that going to be me? Hoping all my health problems can wait till I am 65?  By that time, who knows what the state of the already super-messed-up-health care system will be.

I have been fortunate enough not to have been majorly sick and even more blessed with excellent research skills. Any symptoms I may have I Google, diagnose myself, and buy the according medicine. Is it dangerous? Of course. Could I be wrong? Absolutely. What choice do I have? Go to the doctor? Not an option. Besides, I have learned more about natural remedies, herbs, spices, juices and berries in the past few years that I wouldn’t have known other wise. And besides, after seeing Michael Moore’s movie “Sicko”, I refuse to choose which fingers I like best or use the most. They are my fingers, I want them all!

What baffles me even more, is the opponents. I have heard people who DON’T have health care argue against it . What?  Mumbling about the deficit. Here’s an honest statement. No one cares about the deficit. It has been skyrocketing for years and no one loses a nights sleep over it. Seriously.

However, you will lose a night sleep trying to diagnose your aches and pains yourself. At least I have. I hope this health care “discussion” turns into an actual executed plan or else I am buying stock in every search engine in the world. Why not? It helps me be my own doctor.

The Power of Technology

In Technology, Uncategorized on February 25, 2010 at 9:27 pm

Technology has changed lives. Now, it’s so hard to imagine life without a Mac, Facebook, Twitter, iPhone or Blackberry. Need I even mention the times when cell phones were a luxury? Technology has changed items from  luxury to necessity. I lost my blackberry and somehow I am not the same. I don’t even like to use the phone anymore. Really.

Applications like Twitter have let celebrities become their own public relations machines.  Twitter lets you peek into the personal lives of celebrities in the most intimate way. At times, it can seem like an intimate conversation. Intimate in the voyeur-peeking- through- the- window, kinda way.I must admit, I am not that much of a tweeter, but I do have celebs that I follow. Kim Kardashian, June Ambrose and Erykah Badu just to name a few. I can’t help it. Looking at someone else’s life can be very interesting.

With the technology advances of the past few years, you don’t have to physically talk to someone to have a conversation. Conversations, meetings and agreements can be held via email and text messaging. Even more so, the music we know and love can be done digitally.

Erykah Badu’s 2008 album, “New Amerykah Part One: 4th World War” was completed on a Apple Macbook using the popular program GarageBand. She recorded the vocals using iChat and sent them to the album’s producers. They traded tracks and vocals for four months until the album was complete.

As recent as yesterday, she used Twitter to clear a  Paul McCartney sample for her forthcoming album. Badu’s 89,000 followers watched as she settled music business  in 140 characters or less.

Badu's Twitter Page

This makes me wonder, what’s next? I often think we will be teleporting ourselves to where we need to be. It’s absolutely amazing how far we have come. Things aren’t left to wonder anymore. It is happening  and it is now. It’s  wonderfully scary and I am definately along for the ride tweeting all the way on my blackberry.